Technical Artist - Total War

This position will work with our Technical Art team to help develop our art pipeline and assist the wider art team. Although we are open to all levels of experience, it is require that you have at least one shipped game to your credit.

This key artist will be expected to:

  • work with other Technical Artists to support the art team day-to-day;
  • liaise with Art Leads and Programming team to develop new asset pipelines;
  • develop scripted tools to expedite artist workflows;
  • debug and assist fixing art asset issues within the game; and
  • ensure high quality and efficiency of art asset production through the entire art pipeline.


  • Knowledge of 3ds Max (or similar 3D package).
  • Proven experience with scripting languages – Maxscript; Mel; Python.
  • Understanding of art/animation game pipelines.
  • Understanding of character setup, including rigging and skinning.
  • Understanding of shaders.
  • Ability to explain and document technical solutions.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work with others to solve issues.
  • Passion for games!