Art Resources

Art Resources

August 22 2018 | Legacy Project

How does technology affect art creation

By Jodie Azhar, Lead Technical Artist

At Norwich Gaming Festival 2017, Jodie spoke about the impact of technology and its limitations in 'How to make video games look good and run fast'.





The animation pipeline for Total War: WARHAMMER

By Lee Dunham, Lead Technical Artist and Greg Alston, Lead Animator

In this livestreamed BAFTA exclusive tutorial, Lee and Greg talk through the animation pipeline behind the award-winning game.





A practical approach to developing forward-facing rigs, tools and pipelines

With Michael Malinowski, Senior Technical Animator

As the scale of productions escalate, it becomes increasingly risky to make foundation level changes to tools or assets mid-production, often leading designers to wait years before making drastic but beneficial alterations. In this GDC session, Mike presents our approach to building and utilizing a version-centric plugin architecture throughout a variety of their animation, rigging and pipeline tools, allowing for a more experimental and forward facing development approach. This is demonstrated through overviews and technical demonstrations of a scalable asset system, a rigging-on-demand framework as well as a mechanism to completely abstract tool code from the rigs, or rig metadata, they operate on. All of which come together to produce a pipeline which actively promotes experimentation and progression.





Sculpt forms while focusing on flow, texture with multiple texture sheets and more

By Johann Tan, Senior Character Artist

In this step-by-step tutorial, Johann breaks down the process including the tricks to speed up the creation in the crafting of the large and complex Treeman character.