About us

We are a craft-led studio with over 36 years’ experience.

We make deep and detailed games that last and give our team the creative freedom to achieve their potential.  

Our culture is collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and global. Our teams are diverse from across the world, and we give them the technology, tools, and support to achieve their best work.  

We win awards for our culture and our people-centric approach, having won a Best Place to Work Award for six consecutive years. 

At Creative Assembly we have extensive initiatives for the health and wellbeing of our teams, for diversity and inclusion within the studio and the wider industry, and for education and social impact. 


Everything we do is about Quality, from individual actions to final products, we take pride in the detail and authenticity of our creations. We Focus on our strengths as a studio. Our teams might work across different projects, but our goals and vision should be clear for everyone.

We are a collective who thrive with Teamwork, empowering each other to succeed. Respect at CA is given as a default, we respect each other as diverse and unique individuals, who come together to create games our players will love. Alongside respect, we Trust each other, our teams and our leaders as experts of their craft. Everyone is given creative autonomy and freedom to make a real contribution to our projects and our legacy.

Headquarters - Sussex, UK

Global Headquarters and home to the UK Total War teams, unannounced project teams, Live Services, Research and Development and Corporate teams. Spread across 3 locations situated in West Sussex between London and Brighton.

North - Newcastle, UK

A newly established studio, home to the Continuous Improvement Team.

Sofia - Bulgaria

Home to CA Sofia, nestled below the idyllic Vitosha Mountain surrounded by an ancient capital in a new purpose-built state-of-the-art development studio.

Motion Capture - Sussex, UK

Dedicated state-of-the-art motion capture studio.


Our culture is collaborative and supportive. We look after each other and help each other to achieve our best work. We prioritise skills training, lifelong learning, inclusive behaviours and wellbeing. We value diversity, inclusion and belonging, seeking wider perspectives from our Diversity and Inclusion Network and Employee Resource Groups. Our passion extends to future games development talent through our shared commitment to education initiatives. 


We have a reputation for being one of the best studios to work for with our positive approach to work-life balance and anti-crunch culture. We are building on this and transforming our working model to embed flexibility as the norm, focusing time together on creative collaboration and community. We offer flexible working, enhanced holiday allowance, maternity and paternity breaks, no-notice holidays and a Work from Anywhere benefit.


Our studio parties are renowned for their extravagance. We hold a summer festival for our staff and their families, and a Christmas party for staff and their partners. We also hold a children’s Christmas party because family is important to us. Picnics, get togethers, wrap parties, community activities such as a walking club, boardgame nights and football are also part of the experience at CA.  


Your personal growth is important to us. We value learning and development with Focus Fridays providing set time each week for training (and no meetings). We provide access to industry conferences around the globe, bring in expert speakers for our regular SEGA Dev Day sessions, and free access to thousands of training courses online. 

Our shared studio commitment is to make a significant, lasting, and positive change within the world we aim to entertain. This is the goal of our award-winning Legacy Project.

We harness the power of games to leave a legacy through excellence in education and charity. From playground to industry, the Legacy Project works to give people from all backgrounds the skills and information to help them become the game development talent of tomorrow.

We recognise that education beyond Further Education in the UK is increasingly becoming a privilege; under-represented groups in the games industry such as Black and ethnic minorities are disproportionately impacted by education barriers. However, the desire of many young people to learn technology or STEAM related subjects is increasing. We want to help break down barriers to the industry, focusing on supporting under-represented and disadvantaged groups such as women, Black and ethnic minority communities, and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Everyone at CA can become an Ambassador for the industry, to mentor and guide others who are passionate about making games.

  • Over 200 of our staff are CA Ambassadors 
  • Our work has been awarded 3 industry Best Education Awards, a Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and is recognised as being best practice
  • We provide outreach work: visiting schools, providing expert-led talks, workshops and mentorship. We provide studio-based experiences and contribute to games education curriculums. 
  • Our focus is on schools and colleges in our local community, on establishments that we know have a high-quality bar with their curriculums, and on those who are actively working to address inequalities in society.
  • We work with partners including BAFTA, Into Games, Women in Games, NextGen Skills Academy, Into Games, Pixelles, Ukie, Digital Schoolhouse, the East London Academy of Music and Arts (ELAM) and Teesside University to encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to consider a career in games.