CA introduces the first SEGA developer conference

CA introduces the first SEGA developer conference

November 14 2019 | Studio

SEGA Europe launch SEGA Dev Day; a one-day conference for their developers, spearheaded by Creative Assembly

SEGA Europe and Creative Assembly launch SEGA Dev Day, a new conference for SEGA Studio developers featuring world-class speakers with a focus on knowledge sharing.

The event brings together developers from across Amplitude, Creative Assembly, CA Sofia, Hardlight, Relic, Sports Interactive and the newly acquired Two Point Studios.

For its first year, the conference is focused on three tracks: programming, design and production, all featuring world-class speakers including Brenda Romero, John Romero, Linda Fane, Kate Gregory and Bjorn Toft Madsen. It’s set to be the first of many as part of SEGA Europe’s commitment to team development, sharing of best practice and collaboration.

Tim Heaton, Studio Director at Creative Assembly and EVP of SEGA Studios said: “Across our global development studios we have an unbelievable 4.5 thousand years* of experience to draw from. That’s incredible and providing a platform to bring everyone together feels like a very natural progression for our career development work. We are fortunate to be a part of the SEGA family and have such a vast pool of knowledge to draw from.

“SEGA Dev Day offers an unprecedented opportunity not only for our devs’ career development and stimulating creativity, but to further build on our networks across so many of SEGA’s leading studios.”

Several fantastic developers make up SEGA Studios including the UK’s largest; Creative Assembly, the world’s leading sports management simulation developer; Sports Interactive, and now, developers of the award-winning Two Point Hospital; Two Point Studios.

Alongside several SEGA speakers presenting learning from their own projects and teams, the day welcomes high-profile keynotes and culminates in a networking evening.


* The total length of service of all developers at SEGA Studios as of November 2019.