Creative Chronicles: Asymmetric design

Creative Chronicles: Asymmetric design

August 14 2019 | Legacy Project

Creative Chronicles brings together key insights, information and statistics from the experts at Creative Assembly. We hope this will inspire students and those considering a career in game development.

What’s the right amount of asymmetry and how do you master this essential design challenge?

For the last 20 years, Creative Assembly has built a deep understanding of asymmetric design in its games: the enemy ecosystems of Alien: Isolation, the faction-based grand strategy of Total War, and the diverse sub-factions of Halo Wars 2. The talk discusses why inherent asymmetry is important, its value to the player, and its popularity among audiences.

In this BAFTA tutorial we look at why inherent asymmetry in games is important, its value to the player, and its popularity among audiences. Our Lead Game Designer shares what he’s learned about asymmetric design over his career – its costs, challenges and opportunities.

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The Sweet Spot of Asymmetric Design - Creative Assembly and BAFTA Games Livestream


At CA, we believe in the ability to proactively craft gameplay rather than iteratively discovering it. The fundamental design principles are the foundation for a designer’s skill set, and those skills are best developed and honed by working on high quality games. 

From unique gameplay design that instils fear for the player in Alien: Isolation, to championing multiple innovative features in Total War, our designers have many opportunities to work with incredible materials and try different things, owning their features and core mechanics from inception to final game.

We have around 80 designers across our UK and Bulgaria studios, with a range of specialisms including campaign design, battle design, sound design, and systems.




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