Level up with GamesIndustry.biz Live: Academy

Level up with GamesIndustry.biz Live: Academy

October 14 2020 | Legacy Project

A new digital event for careers in video games run in association with Creative Assembly.

Featuring career seminars, portfolio reviews and guest talks from industry talent, running October 26-28 2020.

Gamer Network has announced GamesIndustry.biz Live: Academy in association with Creative Assembly, a free digital event focusing entirely on careers within the video game industry.

Taking place on October 26-28, the event will act as a digital career fair, giving students and graduates an unprecedented opportunity to access industry talent and learn more about a prospective career in creating the next generation of video games. Bringing academia and the industry together, GI.biz Live: Academy will help tutors and professors provide their students with first-hand gaming expertise, featuring engaging content relevant to their studies. All attendees need to take part is a smartphone or laptop, making this educational event ideal for remote learning conditions.

With support from some of the biggest names in gaming including Creative Assembly, the three-day online event will be hosted on the official GI Live Discord Server.

Free to register and attend, students will be able to access invaluable networking opportunities and chat with talented industry professionals, from game designers and character artists to community managers and journalists.


  • Keynote Talks - The brilliant Brenda Romero, Mike Bithell and Adam Campbell will be giving insightful pre-recorded talks about their experience working in games. Plus, they’ll be answering your questions in the Discord as they’re being aired!
  • Portfolio Reviews - Showcase your hard work in the daily portfolio review sessions.
  • Gain dedicated one-to-one time with industry professionals where they’ll offer direct feedback and advice on your portfolio and career aspirations.
  • Industry Roundtables - Take part in interactive seminars across a variety of development disciplines, all helmed by industry experts.
  • Creative Assembly Masterclass - A daily masterclass from the multi-award winning UK developers behind the Total War franchise.
  • Meet Industry Professionals - A chance to connect casually with programmers, producers, artists, writers, musicians, journalists, marketers, designers and many more, who will be dropping in regularly to chat in the Discord.
  • Plus! Surprise guests . Industry legends will be joining throughout the three days to answer questions and share wisdom.

Emma Smith, Head of Talent at Creative Assembly said;

“Creative Assembly is proud to be the main sponsor of the first Gamesindustry.biz Live: Academy student conference. Providing industry expertise, guidance and support to future generations of game makers is so important to the continued success and growth of our industry, especially during these difficult times. Having a platform to do this on a large scale with Gamesindustry.biz means we can reach many more students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have had the opportunity to access industry experts

Christopher Dring, Head of Games B2B, Reedpop said;

“GamesIndustry.biz has been connecting the games business with students and job seekers since we launched our first Career Fair 14 years ago this month. Back in January, we took that further with the launch of the GamesIndustry.biz Academy, a new section of our website dedicated to learning all there is to know about making games and getting a job in this wonderful industry.

“Today, we’re combining the two with GamesIndustry.biz Live: Academy. The event is going to feature a Discord full of industry experts who are eager to talk and answer questions about life in video games, what you need to do to get ahead, and where the opportunities are. With the pandemic making it harder than ever for industry professionals to visit schools, colleges and universities, this event will prove essential in helping the games industry connect with the next generation of game makers.

“If you’re an industry expert eager to join in, we want to hear from you. Contact us at academylive@gamesindustry.biz for more information.”

To check out the full schedule and register for your free place, visit the official website.