Partnership with Women in Games

Partnership with Women in Games

September 3 2019 | Studio | Legacy Project

This partnership follows the success of an inclusive smart networking event held in July by Creative Assembly and Women in Games, which featured talks from the Guardian’s Video Games Editor, Keza Macdonald, and ex-NASA scientist, Kelly Snook.

“The work Women in Games does is incredibly valuable for inspiring, supporting and empowering diverse people within this global industry,” said Gareth Edmondson, Chief Operations Officer at Creative Assembly. “Our industry is making great progress and the right conversations are happening, but we need to continue pushing to ensure women and diverse talent across the board are represented and included.”

Emma Smith, Head of Talent at Creative Assembly said; “Creative Assembly’s Legacy Project has been working with future game development talent for over five years now. We have seen a significant shift in recent years with more and more young women excited about the career prospects in games”.

“It’s important that, as an industry, we work harder to make an environment in which these young people will want to build a career, be nurtured, and go on to be our future leaders.”

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO Women in Games said; "Creative Assembly is a studio that is leading in proactive activism for equality, diversity and inclusion. Women in Games are delighted to be joining forces at a crucial moment where collaborative action is key to ensuring women and diverse talent across the board are represented and included. We must all work together to form a strong, focused community capable of directing, implementing and sustaining lasting change. We look forward to hearing from Creative Assembly’s Emma Smith who will be speaking at the Women in Games European Conference about the work the studio are doing, their 'From Playground to Industry’ Legacy Project and the partnerships with BAFTA and East London Arts and Music Academy." 




In July 2019, Creative Assembly joined forces with Brighton’s The 9% Event and Women in Games to bring a truly meaningful and inspirational event for game dev students and those interested in a career in gaming.

The event featured talks from inspirational women at the top of their ‘game’; Professor Kelly Snook - former NASA research scientist, music producer & Professor of Media Arts Technology, Keza MacDonald - Video Games Editor at the Guardian, and Victoria Prentice - Senior Dialogue Engineer at Creative Assembly. They spoke about their career paths, their experiences and the challenges they have overcome working in male-dominated industries.

You can view a short clip of the event in the video below. Follow @CAGames to hear more about future events.


Creative Assembly partner with Brighton’s The 9% Event and Women in Games