Creative Chronicles: Managing Complexity in Game Audio

Creative Chronicles: Managing Complexity in Game Audio

November 7 2019 | Legacy Project

Creative Chronicles brings together key insights, information and statistics from the experts at Creative Assembly. We hope this will inspire students and those considering a career in game development. 

In our latest BAFTA tutorial, we look at complexity in game audio, how to achieve balance, looking at limitations, group sounds and mixing systems.

How do you go from hearing two soldiers in combat to two thousand, all within a quick scroll of the mouse wheel?

Creative Assembly’s Total War Sound Designers will outline the systems and design strategies employed to tackle the unique challenges of creating sound for real-time strategy battles on a massive scale. Accounting for close-up detail with hundreds of different soldier and weapon types, war machines, creatures and magic spells, while at the same time ensuring a coherent and compelling soundscape for wide strategic perspectives, and everything in between. You’ll hear about how we create crowd and foley sounds that scale, and about our efforts to achieve clarity and readability in the mix, and to provide focus according to gameplay context.

Read more about Audio at CA HERE.

Managing Complexity in Game Audio - Creative Assembly and BAFTA Games Livestream


We have dedicated teams of sound designers, dialogue engineers, music staff, programmers and QA.

The benefits of having an in-house audio team are huge for the overall game development process and achieving deep, immersive game experiences for our fans. For example, the Creative Assembly audio team will work closely with game designers to provide sound for a particular interactive game mechanic, or liaise with the narrative team to highlight a climactic moment in the story that needs to evoke a particular emotion, or bringing a creature animation to life with vocal or Foley sounds.